Choose the Account That Works Best With You!

At ZH1, we will not hold you down with a trading account that doesn’t work with your trading style. That’s why we have developed various options for you to choose from.

When you’re ready to jump into the world of trading, take a look at our various account types and what they offer by checking out the below table.


ZH1’s Account Comparison

If your trading account doesn’t work with your trading style, you’d be better off giving your money to charity, at least you’ll get some karma points from that. You’ll need an account that meshes with your style, if you want to make the most out of your trading career.

Whether you’re into trading Forex, Stocks, Metals or any other of the various markets, our ZH1 account comparison table is the single most important aspect you need. Doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have seen what the markets offer multiple times over, take a look at the below table and choose what you think is best for you!


Account’s Leverage


Swap reduction

Analyst Training Sessions

Stop Out Level

Dividends per Month
(After 3 Month Commitment)

Managed Account Sessions

Independent Contracts

Access to Our Premium Trading Room

Invitations to our VIP Events

Access to Account Summary Report

Monthly Volume Limit
(In Notional Value)



Up to 1:20

Varies from asset to another






Up to 1:40

Varies from asset to another


1 per Month



2 per Month

1 every 2 Months




Up to 1:100

Varies from asset to another


2 per Month



4 per Month


1 per Month




Up to 1:200

Varies from asset to another


4 per Month



8 per Month


1 per Month




Up to 1:400

Varies from asset to another


8 per Month



12 per Month


1 per Week


Important Notice: Clients that deposit or maintain a Net deposit of more than €1,000,000 (or the equivalent in USD or GBP) will gain access to certain offers that are not part of the above table. These Exclusive privileges apply only to Expert Account Holders. Reach out to your  Account Manager for further details.

Disclaimer: When you are part of the Expert Account Program, you’re required to hold funds in your account without any withdrawals for the first 3 months (i.e. 90 Days). If, for whatever reason, you withdraw any amount from your ZH1 Expert Account, your membership might be canceled. We do this in order to ensure that you reach the first quarter of your trading journey, this will allow you to maintain your current status.

Privileges for ZH1 Capital Accounts

If you need more persuasion on trading the markets with ZH1? Check out what you receive when you join ZH1 Capital:

ZH1 Capital Segregation of Funds

You don’t have to fear your account security with ZH1 Capital. We do this by making sure that our clients’ accounts are fully separated from ZH1’s own accounts. This is done to ensure complete safety of the clients’ funds.

We don’t stop there, as we vet our banks and make sure that we maintain all of our clients’ funds in reputable, tier-one EU-based banks. Nothing is more important than our client’s safety in the financial markets.


Since trader’s safety is paramount at ZH1, we are subject to extreme regulatory oversight that we must stick to. That’s why ZH1 Capital complies with all regulatory issuance such as Capital Adequacy Requirements and Anti Money Laundering standards. To take matters a bit further, we always maintain additional capital in our accounts to cover our clients’ investments, which are audited yearly by an independent company.

One-On-One Training Sessions

We want our traders to be completely comfortable trading the markets, and this happens only when they know how to trade properly. That’s why ZH1 supports them by providing them with one-on-one training sessions with a senior market analyst. Your ZH1 Trading Expert will guide you when you’re trading and provide feedback on previous trades (with your permission). So, anytime you require a session, simply request it from your Account Manager, and you’ll receive a 30-minute one-one-session with your Trading Expert.

Bonus Funds

Opening a ZH1 trading account will get you a chance to receive a bonus to your investment. This bonus will be marked as a “pending bonus”, for you to activate this additional amount, you’ll need to execute a trade volume that’s 30 times the value of the bonus you’ll be receiving.

If this sounds a bit too complicated, you can reach out to our outstanding customer care team, who are available 24/5, and they’ll walk you through everything that has to do with achieving your bonus.

Do note that Bonus Terms and Conditions apply.

Cashback on Volume

Receiving your volume cashback will be subject to you trading above your Expert Account requirements (please take note of the table above for more details). We calculate your volume for the cashback based on your CFD trades, as well as your other positions. Please note that there are special Terms that apply that can be found here.

The last 7 days of the month are the most important days of the month. You need to make sure that your account doesn’t fall below the minimum amount required, otherwise you might lose the ability to benefit from this bonus. To know more about your minimum balance, please consult the above table, or talk to one of ZH1 Capital’s account managers.

Furthermore, you’ll have to refrain from withdrawing any amount from your account for the first 30 days after you’ve received your cashback. If there is any withdrawal, your cashback will be reversed, and any amount you withdraw will be removed from your overall balance.

Your cashback volume calculation will not take into consideration anything related to other promotions or bonuses. Please take note that if there is a buy and sell position on the same instrument or asset class and have the same expiration time, they’ll be considered as two separate trades.

Trading Bonus

When you become part of ZH1 Capital’s Expert Trading Accounts, you’ll get the opportunity to have some trading bonus added to your account. This bonus is only redeemable when you have traded 30 times the value of the bonus.

In order to ensure everything is fair, the symmetrical method will be applied. This is where all the movement in your account is done per the proportional value of the bonus.

If things get a bit too complicated for you, feel free to reach out to ZH1’s customer care, who will simplify and explain things to you.

  • Total Account Balance
    Your account balance is the balance that is displayed on your trading dashboard, which is used to open trades.
  • Total Account Bonus Balance
    This balance is a portion of your ZH1 trading account balance that cannot be withdrawn until the minimum trading account has been achieved. The total amount is achieved by taking all active bonuses, their value of profits and losses, into considerationTrading on stocks using the bonus funds is not allowed until the required trading volume has been achieved.

Expert Accounts FAQ

I want access to ZH1’s Expert Accounts, how do I get that?

You’ll need to assess your goals and abilities, and based on that you can understand which Account suits you. Starting with the required net investment of the account type you’re interested in is a must. As you trade and grow, your net balance will continue to increase and then you’ll be invited to level up your account to ZH1’s Expert Account, which comes with additional benefits.

Is it possible to update my account to Expert whenever?

Of Course! Upgrading your account is available whenever you’ve reached the required liquidity in your account. Once you’ve reached the threshold, you’ll be invited. Upgrading your account will be automatic.