Our Regulatory Measures

Is ZH1 Capital regulated? The truth is that we hope to gain our regulation very shortly. But does that change the way we treat our traders? Absolutely not! Everyone at ZH1 Capital takes note of the stringent regulatory measures tier one regulatory bodies ask forex brokerages to implement. Read on to see how we carry out all our regulatory commitments.

Your protection is all that matters

As we’ve stated throughout our website, you and your investment with us are all that count. Without you and all of our traders ZH1 Capital is just a company, and not a successful one! To ensure that your protection remains steadfast, we carry out a set of processes, which you can read below.

Here are the processes ZH1 Capital carries out to ensure your security as a trader. You’ll find that they’re in line with some of the biggest regulated Forex brokerages in the world:

Our Regulatory Licence

Our Regulatory Licence

You’ve now seen how we do things at ZH1, especially from a regulatory and compliance standpoint. ZH1 Capital is a regulated brokerage in the way we act and treat you and all our traders. The ZH1 Management Team also wants you to know that you’re in good hands as our stringent policies and procedures are there to protect you and your investment! Safeguarding you is our chief goal, and we have been successfully safeguarding our traders for a while now.

So, what’s expected from you as a ZH1 trader?

You’ve got your brand new ZH1 Capital trading account and you can’t wait to jump right into trading the markets. We get that, and we love your enthusiasm, but you do need to understand that trading Forex and other CFDs is risky. As our new trader, all we ask is that you do your research on the trades you’re going to place. We also ask that you work with ZH1 staff if they need anything from you, such as Proof of Address (PoA). Documents like the PoA are part of our KYC process, and we ask for them to safeguard you and us.



Our Compliance Team follows every circular distributed by top tier regulators (FCA, CySEC & ASIC) and we make changes to our compliance policies based on what the regulators require from us and our traders.

Back Office

Back Office

Our Back Office Team works on the AML & KYC processes, and these processes are carried out on all our traders. The ZH1 Back Office Team is polite and they’re humans too, so work with them for your own betterment.


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